Do I Need to Use Special Glue Sticks to Use a Hot Glue Gun on Glass?

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Hot glue gun on glass.
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Hot glue sticks offer a versatile means of adhering one thing to another, working where where many all-purpose liquid glues fail. While a standard hot glue stick works on glass, specialty sticks designed for crafting offer even more gripping power on glass.


Glue Sticks and Glass

A glue stick that dries clear is beneficial for glass projects -- some sticks may yellow over time, or may not dry completely clear. The packaging indicates whether the glue dries clear. Wipe the glass down with vinegar to remove any greasy residues, allowing the vinegar to dry before applying glue. While a regular hot glue stick will adhere to glass, hot glue designed for jewelry offers a stronger bond. A standard glue stick's bond may wear out over time when gluing heavy glass objects together. Other specialty glue sticks designed specifically for heavy-duty projects also work for gluing heavy glass. Choose glue sticks that require low or medium heat, rather than extremely hot temperatures, to avoid overheating delicate or thin glass pieces that may crack or shatter.

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