How Do I Get the Wand Out of My Dyson?

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Dyson models are all very similar, so regardless of model upright vacuum you own, the instructions are about the same. Dyson upright vacuums are very versatile and can be used as an upright or a canister with hose long enough to clean a room without moving the vacuum body with you.

How to Get the Wand Out of the Dyson

On the front of the handle you hold to guide the vacuum is the wand release button. This is a large release button that is found just above the power button. Push the release button in and hold while pulling up on the grip handle. The wand will slide out of the bracket that holds it in place.


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How to Get the Hose off the Wand

To use the wand for cleaning with or without an attachment you must first remove the hose from the wand. Once you have released the wand from the vacuum gently slide the hose down the wand until the hose end is at the end of the wand. You will know it has reached the bottom because you will hear it click into place. Squeeze and hold the lock buttons on the hose head and pull the hose off the want.

Using Attachments

There are two ways to use attachments. You can use attachments by inserting an attachment directly into the end of the hose. This method is for close cleaning like sofa cushions or under cushions on a chair. Using the brush attachment inserted in the hose end is useful for dusting.


The second method for using attachments is to turn the wand around and open the end cover by sliding it toward the handle grip. Attach the hose to this end by squeezing and holding the lock buttons in on the hose end. Push the hose end on to the wand and you will hear a click. Push the attachment on to the other end of the wand. Some of the uses for attachments mounted on the wand are vacuuming stairs, cleaning drapes, or using the brush attachment to reach high places for dusting. Your Dyson vacuum has a 17" hose allowing you to vacuum stairs from top to bottom without having to move the machine.


Replace the Wand

To return the wand to the Dyson vacuum, remove the attachment and put in its holder on the vacuum body. Press and hold the lock buttons on the hose head and remove the hose from the wand. Close the end cover on the handle by sliding it. Turn the wand around and put the hose on the bare end of the wand. Remember to press and hold the lock buttons on the hose end until the hose clicks. Depress and hold the lock button again to move up the wand. Gently slide the hose all the way up the wand until the hose end is to the handle. Replace the wand into the bracket that holds it on to the Dyson body. You will hear a click when it is back in place.



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