Homemade Pine-scented Air Freshener

Pine-scented home air fresheners are very popular, perhaps because many people associate the smell of pine with a sense of freshness. There is more cause for concern with the environment and allergies now and this has resulted in more people looking for ways to make their own air fresheners. There are a few ways to do this that are much healthier for the airways and the allergies, not to mention cheaper.

A Blend of Essential Oils

This recipe for homemade pine-scented air fresheners requires only small portions of a few ingredients. Combine 10 drops of pine essential oil, 10 drops of lemon essential oil and 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil or 10 drops of pine essential oil with 20 drops of lemon to create a pine scent you can put in a small spray bottle and spray into the air as needed, set out in a bowl to diffuse in a room, apply lightly to different areas with a cotton ball or brush onto tree-shaped cardboard cutouts and hang.

The great thing about essential oils is they not only smell good, but they also disinfect. When sprayed on surfaces, the oils kill germs and bacteria.

They also can positively impact a person's mood. In fact, these essential oils are the same ones used in aromatherapy. You can create a different atmosphere just with a simple spray from a spray bottle. If you opt to apply the oil directly to a surface, first test a small area because some essential oils can cause damage.

Ammonia and Oil

If blending essential oils isn't for you, this recipe uses common household ingredients to create a pleasing pine scent. Combine a quarter of a cup of baking soda with four cups of warm water, two teaspoons of ammonia and one teaspoon of pine oil in a fine-mist spray bottle and then shake well.

Don't be fooled by the presence of ammonia, for the end result is a wonder for the nose. That said, be careful not to get the scented spray on pets or furniture, for the ingredients could cause irritation or damage.

To maximize this recipe's air-freshening potential, spray it on unscented dryer sheets and then secure them to the front cage piece of a tabletop oscillating fan, which can propel circulate the scent even more.

On-the-spot Air Fresheners

If you need a quick solution to a malodorous problem, here are some options.

If you've burned something in the kitchen or worked with some ingredient that doesn't have the most pleasant of smells and you're lucky enough to have a pine tree in the yard or close by, you don't have to haul in the whole tree to get its air-cleansing scent. Instead, dash out and grab a handful or two of pine needs, and then boil them on the stove top with some vinegar. The resulting fragrance will handily replace the previous stench.

Have a tough smell outside the kitchen? Place a couple of drops of pine oil atop the light bulb of a recently turned-off lamp or lighting fixture. When you turn the light source on again, the heat from the light bulb will heat and diffuse the oil's scent in a short time. If you try this little trick, make sure that the light fixture is not turned on and that the bulb is cool, not hot. Applying oil to a hot light bulb or one that is turned on could result in damage to you and the lamp.

Last but not least, one of the simplest recipes you can use for a quick and easy do-it-yourself pine-scented air freshener is to mix a few drops of pine oil with water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture in a fine mist into the air or apply the fragrance with a cotton ball to various surfaces to enjoy the fresh scent of pine.

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