Pressure Washer for Indoor Cleaning

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Power washers are machines that use high power water to clean deeply imbedded dirt and grease from large surfaces, such as walls and concrete floors. Electric power washers are available for use indoors. These washers have several features.

Electric Pressure Washers

Select a power washer with the correct amount of pressure to accomplish the job you need accomplished. Pressure washers augment the power of a garden hose. Light pressure washers will multiply the force of a garden hose 25 times and are good for cleaning patio furniture and for light cleaning of floors. Medium to heavy duty pressure washers can multiply a hoses pressure by 100 times. These are good for heavy stains and concrete walls or floors. Pressure washers are available with hot or cold water pumps.


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Use the correct troubleshooting steps to fix a malfunctioning electric pressure washer. If the washer is not starting, check that it is plugged in and that the on switch is engaged. If the pressure washer is not giving you enough pressure, check the water source to make sure it is turned on and at full strength. If it is, check that the spray head is free from clogging and debris. Check that the head of the spray gun is attached properly. Check all of the hoses for leaks.



Never aim the pressure washer at another person or animal. The pressure from one of these washers can be harmful when contact is made with the skin. Never move objects using the spray of the gun and never hit light objects with the stream as this can cause damage. If using an extension cord, make sure it does not sit in standing water. Wear shoe with a rubber sole to prevent slipping and electrical shock.



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