How High Should Kitchen Cabinets Be From the Lower Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, whether higher or lower, provide you with a place to store food and dishes. When installing a set of kitchen cabinets, it is important to have them at the right height from each other, so that you can have useful counter space between them. In order to have a well-organized kitchen, and space to use your appliances and store things, you need to hang cabinets at just the right height.

Not Too High

Hang your kitchen cabinets high, but measure the full height depending on the height of the room and on the comfort level of those using the cabinets. Many people put their top cabinets as high as their roof will allow, but then cannot access the top shelves of the cabinets without using a chair. However, if you have a lot to store and you have things to put on the top shelves that you won't use every day, you might consider having this upper level. In this case, the kitchen cabinets should be much higher than the lower cabinets.

Height of Counter Space

Consider counter space when hanging cabinets. Think about the amount of counter space that you need, and the amount you will be able to use. The ultimate goal of the space between the two cabinets needs to be the area that you have to use for counter space. There are several ways to measure this. If you plan on having counter space for chopping up vegetables, making salads, or baking, you will need to have at least one foot between the top of the lower cabinets and the bottom of the top cabinets.

If you are looking at storing things on your counter, like blenders or other appliances, you will want at least a foot and a half between the top of the lower cabinets or the counter and the bottom of the upper cabinets. The foot and a half is sufficient for most appliances.

You will need more room if you plan on storing appliances and also have an under the cabinet wine glass rack, which can be very useful in a crowded kitchen. If you plan on using this set up, leave a least two feet between your counter and the cabinets.