Homemade Loud Noise Makers

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Homemade noisemakers can invigorate any kind of celebration, from birthdays and New Year's to football games and pep rallies. Using materials found around your home, you can make all types of simple noisemakers. Get creative and then get loud with your homemade toys.


This noisemaker combines small, loose objects inside of a larger container, and creates a rhythmic sound when shaken. Use dried beans, rice, pennies, beads, bells or any combination of these items. Put them inside of a clean, empty jar with a lid, or create a container by taping together two plastic cups or paper plates. Do not fill the container so much that the small items can't move. You want them to be able to bounce around to create noise. Decorate your noisemaker with paint, markers, ribbon and other accessories.


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Create small finger-sized cymbals using metal jar tops. Find two jar tops of the same size, and punch a hole through the top of each with a hammer and nail. Loop an elastic band through the top of each lid, securing them with a knot on the underside of each lid. Decorate the tops of your cymbals with paint, felt, glitter and other accessories. Hook the cymbals over your thumb and forefinger and clap them together to make lots of noise.


Paper Noisemaker

Roll up a sheet of paper into a narrow tube, starting at one corner and wrapping the paper around a pencil. After a few turns, carefully remove the pencil. Tape the tube so that it stays rolled up. Cut one end of the tube two-thirds of the way across, forming a triangular flap. Fold this flap so that it covers the end of the tube. Play the noisemaker by putting your mouth on the uncut end, pressing lightly on the flap, and inhaling as you release your finger. This will cause the flap to make a vibrating sound.



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