Cinco De Mayo Party Games for Adults

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Cinco de Mayo, or May 5, is an annual celebration marking Mexico's liberation from French occupation in 1862. Today, Mexicans and Americans alike celebrate Cinco de Mayo, gathering with friends and family for a good time. A Cinco de Mayo party is a popular way to celebrate. A party with Cinco de Mayo games for adults to play is a great addition to waving Mexican flags and serving Mexican refreshments.


Broken Beer Bottles

Before the party begins, cut beer bottle shapes from red, white, and green construction paper. Then, cut the bottles in half, avoiding straight cuts. Use squiggles, and zigzag designs, making sure each cut bottle pair is unique in comparison to the others. When guests arrive, have them pick a broken bottle half from a box and direct them to find the guest with the other half of the bottle.


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Scavenger Hunt

A Mexican-themed scavenger hunt is another great Cinco de Mayo party game. The person who prepares this activity should be familiar with the neighborhood or building where the party will take place. Items like sombreros and chili peppers, can be planted in the building for teams to find, or teams can be sent out in the neighborhood to locate items on the list, such as a specific Mexican restaurant.



If party guests are athletically inclined, or if just really love to play outdoor sports, a game of soccer could be organized. The only necessity for this game is knowledge of the rules and a soccer ball, as goals can be improvised from whatever materials are available.



Pinatas games are a traditional Mexican activity, usually favored by children. However, adults will enjoy smashing a pinata, too, as long as it is filled with adult goodies. Pinatas can be purchased empty at most party supply stores, and several vendors even make custom pinatas.



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