George Foreman Fusion Grill Instructions

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Cooking delicious meals quickly is one of the reasons to purchase kitchen appliances. Choose a device that cooks a meal without the hassles of heating an oven and cleaning up pots and pans. The George Foreman Fusion Grill lets you prepare a meal full of rich juices in under one hour. All you need is your meat, vegetables and your favorite marinade.


Preparing the George Foreman Fusion Grill

The George Foreman Fusion Grill is mostly maintenance free. All you really have to do is wipe it out before placing your meat and vegetables in the unit. For most dishes, set the temperature control to 400 degrees F (High) to pre-heat the grill. Make sure The George Foreman Fusion Grill is hot and ready before placing any food in the unit.

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Preparing Your Food

Food preparation is the same as with conventional ovens and kitchen appliances, but you'll need to cut any large chucks of meat and vegetables into small sections. Trim off any fat (you can leave on small amount of fat for flavor if you like), then apply your seasonings. You can do a dry rub to your meat. The dry rub will turn to liquid once the marinade or water in the infusion unit starts to enter the meat on the grill.


Cooking On The George Foreman Fusion Grill

The George Foreman Fusion Grill's surface has some coating in place to keep foods from sticking, but to be on the safe side, spray on some non-stick spray before cooking your meat and vegetables. Before closing the grill's lid, make sure you fill the infusion insert with your favorite liquid marinade or hot water. The infusion part of the unit will keep your food from drying out.

Once the food is in the grill, reduce the grill's temperature setting if needed and cook to recommended time for your meat (usually 4 minutes but varies). Since the grill has a see-through top and not a dual grill surface, you must open the grill and turn the meat over with a spatula. This is also a good time to check the condition of your vegetables and turn them as well. Always let your meats and vegetables cook for the entire required cooking time.



Cleaning up The George Foreman Fusion Grill is as simple as draining any liquid from the unit and cleaning the infuser unit with soap and water. Dry everything with a paper towel and store the grill on a counter top or in a cabinet.


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