What to Wear to a Caribbean Theme Party

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Caribbean theme parties beckon memories of summertime and palm tree paradises. Vibrant prints, pastel shorts and living accessory items can transport guests to an island paradise. Kids can get into the festive spirit with homemade clothes that fit perfectly with the theme. Or go online to find things to wear to your upcoming tropics-inspired event.


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Women's Attire

Dress the part of a Caribbean woman by buying a sarong or making your own. Shops that carry bathing suites usually sell these fabric wraps as cover-ups. Experiment with the look by making it either a dress or a skirt. Or go to a fabric store and pick up a colorful tropical print. If you are worried about it falling down, secure it with a safety pin or use Velcro on the inside. Or wear a tank top or T-shirt with your sarong.


Women in the Caribbean love complementing their looks by adding tropical flowers in their hair. Visit a florist to find an orchid or lily. Keep your flower fresh by putting it in water and then in the refrigerator. If there is no florist near you, look for a hobby shop that sells silk flowers. The best part about using artificial flowers is that they won't be wilted by the end of the night.

Men's Attire

Bermuda shorts made their first appearance in the Caribbean. Wear them in a pastel color, khaki or tropical print. If you can't find Bermuda shorts in your area or want to have a more youthful look, wear board shorts popularized by surfers. These shorts are lightweight and extremely comfortable. Complete the look by wearing a fun Hawaiian shirt or short-sleeved linen shirt. Find inexpensive Hawaiian shirts at thrift stores or stores that carry swimsuits. Footwear is easy; just wear sandals or cheap flip-flops.


Children Clothes

Kids enjoy getting dressed up in comfortable clothes that remind them of the beach. Make an easy grass skirt for girls by buying artificial grass. Tie the strands of grass around an elastic band and cut the strands for a uniform hemline.


Make an Hawaiian-print tank top for boys. Dye a tank top with a pastel color. Cut kitchen sponges in the shape of flowers. Use a different color of paint and dip the sponge into the paint. Press firmly to create small flowers on the shirts.

Sometimes it's hard to find cute kid's clothes for a Caribbean party during the winter. The online clothing store Caribbean-kids.com makes it easy to order off-season clothes.