Older Kid Halloween Party Games

Halloween parties are extremely fun for teenagers and young adults. Most guests look forward to these parties with much anticipation. A Halloween party is the perfect time for scary and gross party games. If gross, scary games are not up your alley, there are several games that are fun and entertaining without being slimy and ghoulish.

Bucket of Guts

Make several large batches of spaghetti. Put the noodles in a large bucket. (A mop bucket will work really well.) Add a little bit of olive oil or vegetable oil for a slimy feel. Mix in plastic spiders, baby carrots and plastic eyeballs. The baby carrots will be used as "fingers." Have each of the party guests put their hands in the slimy noodles to retrieve an eyeball or spider or carrot. Each party guest has 30 seconds to retrieve as many spiders, "fingers" and eyeballs as possible. The party guest who is able to retrieve the most pieces in 30 seconds will win a party prize. The prize could be as simple as a large candy bar, or as exciting as two movie tickets.

Pass the "Pumpkin"

This game is played with an orange. Decorate the orange as a jack-o'-lantern. Cut out pieces of black felt for the eyes, nose and mouth, and use a glue gun to attach to the orange. If this is too much work, use a black marker to make the face. Have all of the party guests gather together in a circle. The first person is given the "pumpkin" to place under his or her chin. Each person must pass it to the person on their right, without using his or her hands. If the "pumpkin" drops, the two people that were attempting to pass it are out of the circle. The game continues until there are only two people left. When the "pumpkin" drops for the last time, the group votes as to who dropped it. The winner gets a prize. The better the prize, the more competitive the game!

Race of the Mummies

Each person at the party must pair up with another. One person needs to be designated as the mummy. The other person in the team is going to create the mummy. Give each team one roll of toilet paper. The mummy creators will have 3 minutes to wrap their mummy from head to toe. Once the mummies are wrapped, they are placed on a starting line. The finish line needs to be 5 to 6 feet from the starting line. The mummy who can make it to the finish line first, without ripping the toilet paper, is the winner. The winning team gets a prize.

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