How Can I Get Rid of Sand Ants?

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Sand ants can be a real problem for many people in many parts of the world. You can use pesticides -- or start with less toxic and just-as-effective methods of ridding your home and your outdoor area of these pesky critters. With a few items you probably have in your home you can do away with sand ants for good.


Cinnamon Mixture

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One of these easiest methods to get rid of sand ants involves mixing one part ground cinnamon with one part chili powder. Mix these two ingredients in a small bowl until well mixed. Then, sprinkle the chili and cinnamon mixture around the infested area. The ants do not like the smell of the cinnamon and the chili powder and will relocate so they do not ingest or walk through these substances. This method will usually be effective within 12 hours. You may need to reapply the mixture if it becomes rainy or windy.

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Peppermint Remedy

Another option is to mix 20 drops of peppermint extract with 24 oz. of water in a spray bottle. Shake well and spray over the path the ants are following ,as well as in the sand you find them in. The peppermint naturally repels the ants. You'll immediately notice that the ants will not cross the path of the peppermint and usually within 6 to 12 hours you will notice the ants are almost gone. You may need to reapply the mixture if it rains.


Borax Method

One simple, effective method involves mixing one part borax or boric acid with one part powdered sugar. Pour the mixture into several small bowls and place in and around the infested area. The sugar will attract the ants while the borax or boric acid will be taken back to the nest and ingested as food, killing the queen and the rest of the worker ants. You'll generally see that the ants disappear within three to five days.


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