Ideas for Middle School Graduation

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Graduations are a big deal, regardless of what level of education the person is graduating from. Middle school graduations are sometimes overlooked, but for the students graduating, it is important to recognize their hard work and celebrate their accomplishments. Middle school graduation should be celebrated at school with a student celebration, a ceremony and a small party at home.


Student Celebration

Middle School students enjoy a time to celebrate their graduation with their peers before the ceremony. It is a good idea to hold the student celebration the last day of school, with the ceremony to follow later that evening. Student celebrations should have a theme such as a luau, Mardi Gras, or Follow your Dreams. Decorations should be kept simple but should reflect the theme. Ideas to make the student celebration fun include hiring a DJ for a dance, taking pictures of the students to keep, signing yearbooks, and a food area with simple snacks and beverages. This celebration allows students a time to mingle with their friends and relax before the graduation ceremony.


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School Ceremony

A middle school graduation is not typically as long as a high school or college celebration. Middle school graduations are usually a little more light-hearted than other ceremonies and sometimes have a theme. The ceremony should consist of a speech by a student (perhaps the Student Council President), the principal, and a teacher. Then the students' names should be read while the students walk up to the stage, get their picture taken and receive a diploma or achievement award. The ceremony should end with a slide show of the graduates.


Celebrating at Home

Recognizing your child's achievement is a good way to keep your child motivated to do well in school, especially when going into high school. A middle school graduation party does not have to be a big event; invite family and a few friends over after the ceremony. Food can be either cold cut sandwiches or a cook-out. Graduation cakes can be made for a reasonable price at grocery stores and are sure to please the graduate. Gifts for a graduate can be a photo album filled with pictures of friends, a small check for a college fund, or apparel from their future high school.


Doing it Right

To ensure the graduates enjoy the student celebration and ceremony, it would be wise for the principal to send out a survey asking students how they want to celebrate. Students have great ideas and might like the opportunity to help plan this important event. Also, use the resources available in the school to help make the day; ask the choir to sing a song, art students can paint banners, and the computer club can create programs. Have fun celebrating!


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