Wreath Decorating Ideas

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Decorated Wreath

You can create your own wreath inexpensively with a wreath form, wire, hot glue and decorative elements. Wreaths can be used for holiday celebrations or to give your door personality. Home owner's associations can be picky about outdoor decorations so wreaths may be the only way to distinguish your house from your neighbor's. Smaller wreaths can be turned into Christmas ornaments. Use everyday objects around your home for wreath decorations.


Go Beyond Greenery

When you think of a wreath, you may envision a traditional, round evergreen wreath topped with a bow. The problem with evergreen wreaths is that they only last for a few weeks and may only be available in the winter. Wreaths don't have to contain living elements. Anything that can be placed on a wire can be turned into a wreath decoration, such as plastic Easter eggs, feather boas, aluminum garlands, beads, glass balls, pinecones or silk flowers. Gilded faux leaves or crystals will add a touch of class to your wreath. You can use these wreaths year after year or every holiday.


Natural Wreath Elements

Decorating a wreath doesn't have to be expensive. Take a look in your back yard for wreath decorations. Pick up pine cones, twigs or dried corn. Berries add a splash of color to a wreath. Red berries can be used year round or on Valentine's Day. Find free wreath decorations that are unique to your area.

Sentimental Wreaths

Wreaths can make you smile and show off your personality. Decorate wreaths with your favorite odds and ends. Seashells from a favorite vacation can be wired on a wreath form. Mismatched earrings, medals or brooches can add a colorful accent to the wreath. Take a look in your junk drawer and pull out buttons or keys that you don't need anymore. Remember to remove any items you want to save when you are done with the wreath.


Edible Wreaths

Candy is an inexpensive and fun way to decorate a wreath. The candy can be either wrapped or unwrapped, depending on where you'll place the wreath. Use the same color gumdrops for an elegant wreath or several different colors for vibrancy. Saltwater taffy can be removed from the wreath and eaten at a later date. Be sure your wreath doesn't attract animals. If you seal the wreath to protect it, make your guests aware that it's not edible.

Living Wreath

Succulent wreaths will actually grow and bring a living element to your door. Use a metal wreath form, moss and soil to create a wreath with hearty plants. You'll need to fertilize and water the wreath regularly but it will last year round.


Traditional Wreaths

If you like evergreen leaves, use them in unconventional ways. Hang three small wreaths on your door. Connect the wreaths together with a ribbon. You might be able to find a wreath in an unusual shape such as a square. If you buy a wreath from the store, personalize it by using your own ribbons and decorations.


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