Funny Adult Homemade Costumes

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Next time you get invited to costume party, let your imagination go wild. A lot of costumes can be at home and still be the hit of the party. You do not have to spend a lot of money to create a funny costume that will impress.


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Cat with Liter Box

Dress as a cat wearing black sweats, black tail, cat ears and draw a nose and whiskers. Get a new kitty-liter box and fill it with a mixture of rolled oats and granola cereal. Add Tootsie Rolls, softened with water, and chocolate icing. When you see your friends, ask them if they would like a nibble---disgusting but funny.

One-Night Stand

Make a night stand out of a big cardboard box. Basically, turn the box upside down and cut a hole for your head. Put a table cloth over the box. You will also need to cut a hole for your head. Glue things to the box that you would find on a night stand. For example, an alarm clock, glass of water, pill bottle, candle, coins, etc. Wear a lamp shade on your head for this funny play-on-words costume.


Ugly Betty

Even more hilarious if you are a man, dress as Ugly Betty. Wear a long brown wig, colorful long-sleeved shirt, vest and long skirt. Make your eyebrows very thick and bushy-looking by using a brown eyeliner pencil. Make fake braces out of tinfoil and wear red glasses. For the final touch, wear a necklace with a "B" pendant.

Nick Nolte Mug Shot

Grease your hair up with lots of gel and baby oil. Blow-dry your hair, making it as stringy and unwieldly as you can. Wear a Hawaiian shirt and make a jail sign to wear around your neck. Write "Nolte, Nick" and a case number on the sign.