Wedding Anniversary Party Games

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A wedding anniversary, whether it is the first or the 50th, deserves some sort of fanfare as it is an accomplishment worth recognizing. Along with throwing the couple a party with family and friends and delicious food, liven up the evening with exciting games that get everyone involved.

Pin Point the Place

To really test the memories of party guests, hang a map of the United States that includes cities and towns. Then, ask friends and family to try to pinpoint important locations. Give each couple (or individual) a different colored or shaped push pin. Hang a list of questions like "Where were they married?" or "Where was their first house?" or "The place Jack proposed." Think of it as an adult pin the tail on the donkey, with the target being multiple locations. The team with the most correct wins.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Take a Seat

This icebreaker game works best with a few sets of tables (shape does not matter). Once all of the guests are seated around the tables, ask everyone to turn his chair around so his back is facing the table. Start asking questions to the group about guests' relation or experiences with the couple like "Did you attend their wedding?" "Did you go to high school together?" or "Are you a sibling?" For each question a guest answers "Yes," she will move down a seat. Eventually, the guests will begin to pile on top of each other. If a heavier person has to sit on a smaller person, he doesn't need to switch seats. At the end of the game, award prizes for things like the seat with the most people, the person who moved the most and the person who moved the least.

Wedding Year Trivia

Test your guests' trivia skills by holding a "The Year John and Sally got Married" trivia competition. Before the anniversary party begins, make a list of 20 to 30 questions based on celebrities, music, current events, the hot holiday gift and events during the year they got married. One interactive option is to emcee the game by breaking guests into three or four small groups and then reading each question out loud with the groups "buzzing in" by standing up or dinging a bell. Keep track of the score on a chalkboard or sketch pad. A less interactive way to play is to hand guests a trivia sheet upon arrival and ask them to complete as many of the answers as they can. The person who answers the most questions correctly wins. Announce the winner during dessert and present her with a nostalgic gift from that year.



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