Craft Ideas for Religious Crosses

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Mosaic cross.

It is natural for Christian children to make crosses to symbolize their faith in Jesus Christ. This type of religious cross craft can be created in a Sunday school classroom or at home with a parent. There are many different ways to make a cross, so children will have the ability to express their creativity.


Yarn Cross

Have each child gather yarn in his favorite colors, two wooden Popsicle-type craft sticks, liquid glue and a few craft jewels. Have the children form crosses out of the craft sticks, gluing them together where they intersect. After the glue dries, use a cotton swab to apply more glue across the front of the cross. Take the yarn and glue the starting end behind the cross. Wrap the yarn all the way around the sticks. When you get to the end, cut the yarn and glue the bottom piece behind the cross so that it is not visible. Glue on the craft jewels.


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Egg-Carton Cross

Save one cardboard egg carton for each child. Cut the egg carton so that you have one strip of six egg-shaped cups and one strip of five. If you wish, you can paint the egg carton before constructing your cross. Hold the longer strip vertically and the shorter horizontally, placing the third cup of five, the center, in the second-from-the-top cup of six. Glue it in place. Find some ribbon or lace to decorate the cross by wrapping it around then gluing the ends in place. Glue a flower in the middle of the cross.


Mosiac Cross

Cut out a cross from black craft foam, which will be your base. Cut sheets of red, orange, yellow, green, purple and white foam---or any other colors---into small pieces. The pieces should be jagged, not smooth and symmetrical. Arrange the small pieces on the base so they are close together but not actually touching one another. Glue the pieces onto the cross and let the glue dry. Glue a magnet onto the back of the cross, or punch a hole in the top to hang it or to make a necklace.



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