House Party Games for Adults

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When throwing a house party, perhaps a housewarming party, games help guests to mingle and have fun. Games and activities make perfect icebreakers, especially if not all the guests know everyone else and games are great for breaking up the evening to keep the party moving.


Icebreaker Games

Both of these games requires an index card. For the first, have a stack of numbered index cards. As each guest arrives, flip the card so the number is to the back, then write the guest's name on the blank side and tape the card to the guest so everyone can read the name. After the party has had time to progress and everyone has mingled, have everyone turn their cards over, taping them so the number side shows. Now have everyone write down the numbers from one to however many guests there are and next to each number, write the guest's name. The winner is the one who gets the most right.


For another game, tape a blank index card to everyone's back as they enter. Give each guest a pen. While the party is going on, and the guests are meeting each other, have them pause occasionally in their mingling to write a quick phrase on each other's back about that person. Remind all guests to not use rude phrases, but fun ones, such as "quick wit" or "tells funny jokes." Later in the evening, after the guests have accumulated a few notes, take turns reading some of the notes aloud.

Lookabout Game

With all the guests in one room, show them a small knick-knack. Once everyone has seen the object, leave and go into another room and hide the knick-knack. Make sure the guests cannot see where the object has been hidden, but hide the object "in plain sight." Have the guests roam the house, looking for the object. Once the guest finds the object, they should return to the living room, while the other guests continue to look for the object. The game continues until everyone has spotted the object.



Play the classic charades game. Divide the guests into two teams. Have a list of movie titles (or whatever) on slips of folded paper in a bowl. A member from a team draws a slip and must act out the title without words. His team is given a specified amount of time to figure it out, perhaps three minutes. The team with the most correct answers wins. For another variation, divide the guests into teams of four. Three of the team members go out of the room, while the remaining member draws a slip of paper from a bowl describing some action, such as changing a light bulb. Another member of the team is brought into the room, and the first member acts out the action. Next, the third member of the team comes out and watches the second member act out what he thinks he saw the first one do. Then the last member of the team enters the room to watch the third member do what he thought the second one did. The fourth member must then guess what action was written on the slip of paper. Play then passes to another team. The team with the most correct answers wins.


Paper Chains

Pair up the guests into teams. Give each team a glue stick. Before the party, cut up rectangular strips from construction paper, then hide the strips throughout the house. During the party, team members will search for the strips of paper and, using the glue stick, make them into links, forming a chain. After a specified length of time, the team with the longest chain wins. Be sure to cut up 100 or so strips of paper.