Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Wife

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Shopping for your wife's birthday may seem difficult, but there are many options , and her gift doesn't have to involve a traditional gift that you wrap up a in a box either. If the gift truly does come from your heart, then it will shine through that you have put much thought into it, and she will likely be surprised and delighted. When it comes to gifts, you can give your wife traditional gifts wrapped up in a box, gifts of time, or gifts with special meaning.


Traditional Gifts

Traditional gift
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Jewelry is always a great gift option, and it doesn't have to be expensive. You could go to a vintage shop or an antique shop and come out with something really special for your wife. A pair of earrings that would complement that new outfit she bought, or a ring would do. One way to make the piece of jewelry special, if it is a ring or watch or necklace, would be to have it inscribed with something special, something she can look at and smile at.


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Flowers are always good gifts too, and they're even more special if accompanied by a love letter or poem that you wrote yourself.

If you just can't think of anything that you could get her, try getting a gift card or gift certificate to her favorite store. Most women love to shop, but they find themselves shopping for their children or husbands instead of themselves whenever they go out. This type of gift would give her a great incentive to shop for some things she's been needing and wanting for herself.


Another idea would be to get a book she loves, and have the author sign it. Sometimes local bookstores have book signings, and this is something you might have to think of in advance, but it would make a great gift.

Of course, there is always the option of putting together a great gift basket with a variety of things. If she's a crafty mom, maybe put together a basket full of her favorite crafting goodies and some she's been wanting. If she loves bubble baths, put together a basket full of bath and body goodies, plus maybe a candle and a pair of comfy pajamas or slippers. If she loves delicious desserts, fill a basket with all her favorite treats, including lots of chocolate in there. The sky's the limit on traditional gifts.


Gifts of Time

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If you want to get your wife a gift that gives her time to herself or time with a friend, try getting her a gift certificate to a spa or somewhere that she can just relax and unwind. She might like a massage or a facial, maybe even a pedicure.
If you want to spend extra time with her on her birthday, get a babysitter for the kids, and take her on a date. Plan an extra special night out; you could even plan a scavenger hunt; you give her clues, or you have someone else give her the clues, and she ends up finding you at the end of it all.



If the two of you have not had time alone in a while, maybe plan a short, weekend getaway. Even if you don't have the time or resources available for a long distance trip, there's a good chance you could find a little bed and breakfast somewhere nearby that would be just the perfect destination for a romantic rendezvous.


Gifts with Meaning

Dinner For Two
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Women like to know that the gift they're receiving was thought over carefully and that it means something. You might try making a scrapbook or picture frame of sorts. You could even work with your kids to make a current scrapbook with pictures of them and journal notes to Mom. You could also write notes in it and memory joggers. It could be such a beautiful gift.


You could buy a locket, and insert pictures of your family inside; that way she always has you and your children right next to her heart. This is a gift that has been around for ages, but it never gets old. It's timeless.

A letter from you is always welcome, especially if it comes from the heart. Make it romantic; maybe have someone write it in calligraphy for you to make it even more authentic looking.


Recreate the scene of how you met or where you proposed to your wife. If this can't be done, consider cooking a special meal for your wife and having a dinner for two by candlelight, flowers and all. Dress up, and make the night truly special, with music playing in the background.

Make this birthday special, and it will provide yet one more memory for your wife to cherish.



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