Family Reunion Activity Ideas

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Family reunions can help relatives create and maintain strong bonds, while paying homage to the past. Making your family reunion the most exciting event possible involves planning engaging activities for the awaiting crowd. Avoid complaints of boredom and brazen attempts to leave the festivities early, or to skip them altogether, by infusing your family reunion with enjoyable games and activities. Activating your family's "fun gene" can make for memorable moments.



Playing a game of "Guess Who" allows relatives to catch up on each other's lives. Ask family members to fill out a standard questionnaire with information such as family additions, educational accomplishments and notable achievements. Ask relatives to guess answers to questions such as the number of new babies born since the last reunion and the names of recent college graduates. Giving a prize to the relative with the most correct answers encourages maximum participation.


Indulging in a game of "Grab and Tell" can liven up your family reunion. Instruct guests to form a circle, while passing around a large of small candy. Ask guests to take as many candies as they wish and to avoid eating them until the final family member has his share. Once the last member has his treats, explain that each player must share one piece of personal information per piece of candy taken. Watch as guests struggle to find enough details to fulfill this interesting twist.

Cohesive Activities

Organizing sporting events such as softball games and races brings relatives together for spirited competition. Thinking of fun ways to group teams such as using birthdays can ensure guests mingle. Pitting the "older" players against the "younger" players is always a crowd pleaser. Reward game "MVP's" with medals and a commemorative team photo.


Hosting a talent show allows relatives to demonstrate their various abilities among friendly faces. Set a limit of three minutes per entry to keep the show moving. Suggested categories include singing, dancing and joke telling. Encourage guests to demonstrate unusual talents, by creating awards for the most unique entries.

Holding a cooking competition during your family reunion gives talented cooks and hungry guests something to smile about. Pick a theme such as baked goods or soups to provide focus for the entrants. Assign each entry a number and allow for voting by secret ballot. A panel of judges comprised of the oldest, youngest and selected family members can add excitement to the process. Compile the recipes for all submitted dishes into a family cookbook.


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