Cooking Games

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Cooking games can help get kids interested in cooking.

Cooking games are simple video games that involve cooking and some sort of game-playing. They can be played on a variety of websites and there are hundreds of them teaching about cooking and the food service industry. Most of these games are directed at kids and young adults who are interested in learning to cook, but anyone can play, be entertained and learn something.


Video of the Day

"Cooking Show: Cheese Burger"

"Cooking Show: Cheese Burger" simply shows a recipe for making a cheese burger with eggs by following simple instructions. When playing the game, follow the instruction graphic, which will tell you which ingredients to drag at which time, and what to do when cooking by dragging or flicking your mouse to flip the patty in the frying pan, all within a time limit. Each step of cooking is broken up into levels with points awarded for completing each level and bonuses awarded for completing each level in a quicker amount of time.


"Busy Restaurant"

"Busy Restaurant" is a fun, out-of-the-box cooking game that makes you the waitress at a busy restaurant who has to go through all the steps of making a restaurant operate. Seat the customers, take their orders, put the proper order in, clear their plates and trash, and collect their money. There are multiple tables at a time and customers pouring in, with hearts above their heads representing their satisfaction levels. The lower their satisfaction levels, the lower they tip, or sometimes they just leave. A goal is set for each level that you must reach within the specified one-shift time limit. You'll be dragging and clicking as busily as a waiter runs from one part of a restaurant to the next.


"Chinese Food Cooking"

"Chinese Food Cooking" makes you match ingredients based on their silhouettes in a mystery box in the corner of the screen in order to prepare the dish. The manager of the restaurant--a strict and impatient Chinese woman--needs you to get the dishes out to the customers as quickly as possible. The kitchen is large and there are ingredients everywhere so you must search for them in order to begin preparing everything with enough time. Beyond the cooking, the time in which food is prepped and prepared is very important.