These Breakfast Buffet Ideas Will Make You Instantly Hungry

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Breakfast Buffet Recipes
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Weekends are made for brunch. It's the perfect excuse to sleep in and feast through the afternoon — plus, there's usually cocktails involved (hello, mimosas!). But putting together a brunch on your own can be a lot of work. Instead, host a potluck: ask your friends to bring along their favorite recipes so that you have time to focus on your own. Now you just have to decide whether to keep it healthy with a veggie-filled strata, aim to impress with a DIY waffle bar or appeal to comfort with a classic coffee cake. Brunch is served!

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Healthy Blueberry Pancakes
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Power Up With Protein Pancakes

If you're going to have pancakes, make sure they're filled with ingredients that'll give you energy to power through your day — not leave you dozing on the couch post-brunch. Replace all-purpose flour for protein-packed almond flour, and use the freshest blueberries you can find. Your friends will devour these light and fluffy pancakes and beg you for more.

Instant Waffles
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Waffles So Simple You'll Swear They Came in a Box

Set up a DIY waffle bar and let all of your guests handle the toppings. The sweet batter is the perfect base for your favorite add-ons, from whipped cream to sliced peaches. Pro tip: give yourself a head start and make the batter before the party. Just store it in an airtight container inside the fridge until your guests arrive.

Coffee Cake
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Classic Coffee Cake is a Crowd Favorite

What's a brunch without coffee cake? This traditional cake uses a basic buttermilk recipe and shows you how to make the thick streusel topping you know and love. If you're feeling adventurous, add fresh fruit, lemon zest and a powdered sugar glaze for a bright, citrusy twist.

Breakfast Pizza
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Pizza for Breakfast is Definitely a Thing

When we tell you to have pizza for breakfast, we aren't talking about the greasy leftovers sitting in your fridge. These breakfast pizzas are easy to make and a definite people pleaser. From the savory bacon, egg and cheese pizza to the sweet caramel apple version, you'll have a hard time picking a favorite.

Overnight Strata
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This Overnight Strata is a Total Timesaver

Put together the layers of cubed bread, mushrooms, spinach and egg the night before and pop it in the refrigerator while you get ready for bed. The next morning, let the strata come to room temperature and then bake it for 45 minutes, or until the cheese is browned and bubbly. You'll get the look and taste of an impressive meal without much effort!

Heart Healthy Granola
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Keep Your Options Open With a Batch of Granola

Put out a double batch of this heart-healthy granola and let your guests decide how to use it. Whether they opt for yogurt and make a parfait, top it with milk or just munch on it by the handful, it's going to be a hit. Add a touch of sweetness to the granola with dried fruit, but don't forget to balance it out with a dash of sea salt.

Low Carb Breakfast Casserole
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Stay On Track With a Low-Carb Casserole

Just because you're trying to watch your carb intake doesn't mean that you have to be the only one eating fruit at brunch. Similar to a frittata, this breakfast casserole is filled with veggies and can be customized based on what you have in the fridge. Top your creation with a dollop of sour cream and salsa!


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