Fashion Show Ideas for Kids

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Including a fashion show in your child's next party can add a lot of fun and excitement to the celebrations. Children love expressing themselves, trying on different looks and putting together unique ensembles. With the right materials and planning for the party, the guests are sure to have a blast.


Trunk of Treasures

Before the kids can put on a fashion show, they will need a stash of clothing and accessories. Put together a trunk or bin of treasures to help them out. Include items such as old clothing, Halloween costumes and duds picked up from local thrift stores. Don't forget shoes, necklaces, wigs and other accessories.


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Creating Outfits

With your trunk of treasures available, ask the children to put together two or three different outfits. You might give them a theme, such as Christmas or bright colors, or ask them to figure out the most unique outfit they can think of. It does not need to be a competition and the children can work together. Alternatively, the children could try to replicate the outfits of their favorite cartoon characters, or of a child in a magazine.


Set the Stage

In order to have a fashion show, there must be a stage. If it's nice outside, consider asking them to use the yard. Otherwise, family rooms and long hallways can make great settings for fashion shows. Consider a theme for the fashion show and provide craft materials so that the children can help to enhance the feel with artwork.


Put On the Show

Invite parents, friends and neighbors to attend the fashion show. Provide refreshments and choose lively music for the children to use in modeling their outfits. If they chose more than one outfit, they could model their favorite, or you could allow time for outfit changes so that they can show off all of their fashion creations. They might also share what their inspiration for each outfit was and why they like to wear it.



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