August Theme Party Ideas

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August, the month crunched in between the best of summer and the change of seasons, has no major holidays. Create your own holiday with an August theme party for kids, or for the whole family. With one of these special celebrations, August will no longer be the forgotten month.

Back-to-School Party

A back-to-school theme works perfectly for an August party. Send out whimsical invitations in the shape of a box of crayons or a backpack. Invite kids to come and unwind before the beginning of a new school year. Decorate your home with letters of the alphabet and numbers. Use primary colors for your balloons, crepe paper and tablecloths. Kids could play Back-to-School Bingo or Simon Says. Provide materials for bookmark making as a party craft. Keep the food school lunchbox-related. For instance, serve string cheese, juice boxes and Lunchables.


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Blustery Day Party

August can be a windy month. Or in the words of Winnie the Pooh, a "blustery" one. Have a Blustery Day party in honor of your favorite bear and the month of August. Send little red kites to guests as invitations. Invite them to bring along their favorite teddy bear for a fun party. At the party play some of the memorable music from the movie "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day," like "Heffalumps and Woozles." Your guests could play musical chairs to the songs. Serve cookies in little honey pots. Make cupcakes and top them off with a little candy bee. Decorate the party space with little kites and balloons like the ones in Pooh's movies and books.



End-of-Summer Bash

Before you cover your pool and roll the grill away, throw an end-of-summer bash—a wonderful way to make August feel special. Make it a neighborhood block party or community party. Provide a homemade slip-and-slide made from a tarp, water hose and baby oil. Serve traditional summer goodies like hot dogs and hamburgers. Put on a fireworks show for the neighborhood, or at least have sparklers. Simple decorations like brightly colored balloons will add to the laid-back atmosphere of an end-of-summer party.




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