45th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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A 45th wedding anniversary is an event worth celebrating. Early anniversaries usually mean a private dinner or trip for the married couple, but in later years, your entire family might want to do something special together. If you are planning a party for someone's 45th anniversary, talk with the couple first to make sure they want to have a family celebration. If they do, here are some ways you can make the party special for everyone.


Theme and Decorations

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The theme for the 45th wedding anniversary is sapphire. The couple might want to give each other presents that go with this theme, but you can use the theme to plan your party. This could be as simple as using the color blue as your main theme in decorating. You could also have all the guests dress in blue. Since sapphires are usually jewelry, you could also incorporate jewelry into your theme by using Tiffany blue and fake (or real) diamonds in your decorations. Tiffany blue is usually paired with white for a color scheme, but you could add another color as well to make it more interesting, such as brown or pink.

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For a Tiffany blue sapphire party, consider Tiffany boxes as centerpieces. Add a jewelry motif with crystal beads or diamond confetti. You can use crystal tableware, candelabras or ropes to make your room sparkle.


Good food is important for every party. You have many choices for your menu for an anniversary party. You could serve a menu that was popular in the year the couple was married: if their wedding was in the 60s, you could have beef with green peas, boiled asparagus with butter, and potatoes with juniper berries, with Dutch apple pie for dessert. You could also find out what their wedding menu was and include the same foods in your anniversary party menu. You can also incorporate the theme of your party by having a table of blue chocolate or hard candies that look like sapphires.


Activities and Gifts

The most obvious gift idea is sapphire jewelry, but there are many options for gifts for the 45th anniversary. Anything in the color blue goes with the traditional theme. You can give 45 small gifts to commemorate each year of the marriage, or the entire family could contribute toward a nice gift such as a nice decoration for their house or a trip or experience. You can connect a trip with the theme by buying them a vacation at Sapphire Pool at Yellowstone National Park or Lake Sapphire in North Carolina.


At the party, you should include ways for the family to express their appreciation for the anniversary couple. You could show a slide show or collage of photos from the couple's years of marriage. You could have everyone share a favorite memory or something they appreciate about the couple.


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