Birthday Party Ideas for Women Over 45

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Birthday parties for women over 45 range from wanting to spend the day relaxing to having a quiet dinner with friends and family. Of course, at 45, women still want to have some fun, so the possibilities for a birthday party are endless. All you need is a little preparation, a budget and maybe even a theme for your party and you can have a good time on your special day.


Day at the Spa

Some women who are over 45 want to celebrate their birthday with a day of rest and relaxation. What better way than to celebrate with a day at the spa? You don't really need to make any preparations except for making a reservation at your favorite spa and sending out invitations to friends. Let your guests know that they must RSVP to the event so that you know how many people you'll have to reserve for at the spa. You should know in advance what treatments you'll offer your friends so that you can make a list (or ask the spa) to prepare a list that your friends to choose from. Another alternative would be to invite some friends over and hire spa professionals to come to your home.


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Girls Night Out

Having a girls night out is the perfect way to spend the evening if you don't want to fuss with too much preparation. For one, if you plan a night out, you don't have to worry about having guests over, entertaining and then cleaning up after the party. You don't even need to send out invitations for a girls night out. You can simply call or email your friends, set a date and time and place to meet and you're ready to celebrate. Choose a place where you want to have your party and make a reservation. Decide if you'd like the night to include dinner or drinks or both. Some establishments even have special private rooms for their guests so you may want to reserve one for you and your friends. The key to this party, of course, is that it's a girl's night out so make sure to tell your friends to leave their men at home. In addition, don't forget to designate a driver for the night so that everyone gets home safely.


Cocktail Party

Some people may be intimidated when they think of having to throw a cocktail party. However, a cocktail party doesn't have to be fancy and can be made really simple. Think of your budget for the party and you can plan what you'll be serving your guests around that. Make a guest list and send out invitations that request for an RSVP so you know how much food and drinks you'll need. The best thing about cocktail parties is that you don't have to serve guests a full meal. You can serve simple appetizers and a variety of mixed cocktails and wine. If you plan on having a dress code, let your guests know in the invitation. In addition, cocktail parties allow people to mingle, so suggest your friends bring someone who may be new to the group. With a little music, you've set the mood to your cocktail party.



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