23rd Birthday Ideas

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Celebrate 23 in Style
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As you turn 23, your friends may have scattered across the country and it can be difficult to get people together. It may be easier to arrange a small get-together than a major bash, and hold your party on a Friday or Saturday night for the best turnout.


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Celebrate with a Victory

By age 23, you're probably over the whole "birthday party" thing. Instead, invite a small group of friends to watch your favorite team, either in person or on TV. Enjoy hot dogs, nachos and a beer with your closest pals and spend your special day cheering on your favorites. If you want to splurge, take a road trip and follow your favorite team out of town.

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Visit a Place You've Never Been

Climb a Mountain

It's not a milestone birthday, but make your 23rd special by going someplace you've never been before. Climb a mountain, fly to a city you've never seen or go to a museum you've been meaning to visit. Bring along a friend or two--or even more.


Sky Dive

Sky Diving

If you're feeling super-adventurous, try jumping out of an airplane. Skydiving companies will give you a mini-lesson, an instructor to jump in tandem with you and equipment rentals for about $200. Bring your best friend along, strap in and don't forget to pull the cord.


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