High School Homecoming Queen Campaign Ideas

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Running for homecoming queen requires sticking your face, and yourself, out there. You need to reach as many people in the school as possible who will think you are the ideal representative of school spirit, pride and community building. The most important part of any homecoming queen campaign is to be yourself


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Posters and Guidelines

Check with your school and the homecoming committee to make sure you know the rules about campaign marketing. They will want to make it an even playing field for all those running for homecoming court, and it would be a shame to be disqualified because you didn't know the rules. Find out how many posters you are allowed to post and where they can be. Check to see if they need to be kept to a certain size and posted in a specific fashion (tape or tacks).


Make your poster easy to read and put a clear picture of you on it. You should be smiling so students can see that warm friendly personality that got you nominated in the first place. Pick a tag line that is easy to read and can translate easily onto buttons or T-shirts. Keeping it simple will help people remember you when voting.

"Jennifer for Prom Queen" is simple and straightforward and always works. But if there is a phrase that works with your name, school or mascot, see if you can incorporate it into the poster. An example would be "Jen Sievers Screams Pride for the Lions!" If you are handing out tasty treats, "Take a snack to cheer the wildpack! Vote Jen!"


Other Marketing

There are a number of ways to campaign effectively. Bake cupcakes and hand them out at school. Hand out buttons with your picture and tag line. Make T-shirts with your picture and tag line on them and have your friends wear them to school.


Burn CDs with your five favorite songs and give them out with your information on it. Give lollipops out with labels on the stick that have your name and picture. Customized M&Ms with your name on them will be devoured and appreciated by other students. Depending on your budget, there are even candy bar companies that will put your name and picture on the candy bar wrapper. What better way to get a vote than to go straight to the stomachs of chocolate-loving teenagers.

Popularity Contest

While many people think that becoming the homecoming queen is simply a popularity contest, you need to think about what got you nominated. You must be a student who demonstrates the ability to get good grades and participates in extracurricular activities. Not only do you need to be nominated, but someone needs to second that nomination. These are qualities that go well beyond mere popularity. But when campaigning, you will need to make yourself popular. This means stepping out and talking to as many people as possible about why you really want to be elected. Remember to be friendly and be yourself. People can spot a phony compliment a mile away.


A campaign is about letting people know you are on the ballot and you are honored to be there. Be active in spirit activities, and talk to students who are the leaders of other school groups: sports teams, honor clubs and any extracurricular activity. Ask them to endorse you.

Never smear another candidate, and dress nicely during your campaign. Instead find a quality that you honestly respect in your competitors to comment about when they come up such as, "Amanda has always been very sweet to me in math class." If you are running against someone you don't like, keep it simple and generic, "Janet was nominated because people support her. That says a lot right there."


Also don't be afraid to act a bit silly at times like dancing with the mascot getting students rallied for spirit week. Showing that you don't take yourself too seriously will show you aren't a snob, and most of the students will relate to you better. If you act as if you deserve the title, you will be halfway to winning.