Grand Opening Food Ideas

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Throwing a grand opening is one of the best ways to for new business owners to introduce themselves to the community and make a good impression. Offering free food is another way to make a good impression, but what are some of the best foods to serve? Here are some grand opening menu suggestions that should make your prospective customers' mouths water.


Popcorn, Hot Dogs and Snow Cones

An easy approach to food for a grand opening is the traditional popcorn, hot dogs and snow cones. Machines for making these foods can be rented or even purchased at a reasonable cost. Purchasing the machines and having them on hand will also allow you to use them for future business events.


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Barbecue or Fish Fry Event

Barbecues can be a little more costly, depending upon what you serve. Hamburgers and brats served with an assortment of chips and soda is always a crowd pleaser and likely to draw people for your grand opening. Large grand opening events could also include ribs. Consider adding a fish fry to the mix, serving plates of fish, hush puppies and coleslaw.


Funnel Cakes

Funnel cakes are easy to make and cost efficient. The smell of them is enticing and many people love them. Funnel cake recipes are easy to find (see References 2). Serve the funnel cakes in conjunction with any of the other suggestions.


Sponsoring a baking or chili cook-off is a good way to bring food to a grand opening without much expense. Business owners give away gift certificates to winners of the cook-off, and visitors to the grand opening can sample a variety of foods.


Finger foods are always popular at grand openings. Some of the most frequent crowd pleasers are hot wings and mini-tacos. You might consider purchasing party subs from Subway or another local sandwich shop. Party subs can be cut into single servings for up to 21 people and make an excellent addition to the grand opening buffet.



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