Necchi Sewing Machine Troubleshooting

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Necchi sewing machines are classic mechanical, rotary-hook machines. Troubleshooting and maintenance tend to be easy. Before you take the sewing machine into a repair shop, you may be able to solve the problem yourself. You just need a basic toolkit consisting of two small flat-head screwdrivers; sewing machine oil or three-in-one machine oil; tweezers; and cleaning rags.


Check the Threading

The most common problems stem from incorrect threading of the upper thread or bobbin thread. Unthread your machine completely. Be sure that your thread is sturdy and in good condition. Replace your sewing machine needle as well. Burrs on the needle, a bent needle or incorrectly placed needle can cause many sewing machine problems. Re-thread your machine, referring to your manual for a threading diagram or visiting SewUSA (see Resources). Remove the bobbin and replace. Threading errors cause incorrect stitch formation, skipped stitches and thread breaks.


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Check Your Settings

Tension, stitch length and stitch width are all controlled by small dials on the front of the Necchi machine. Setting just one of these dials incorrectly can cause significant sewing problems. If your stitch length is set to 0, the sewing machine will not feed the fabric. Incorrect tension will cause puckering, looping threads or poor stitch quality. When troubleshooting, use a basic straight stitch to make it easier to correct the settings.


Clean and Oil Your Necchi Sewing Machine

Remove the needle, presser foot and needle plate (which is attached by a few screws). Remove the bobbin case, if there is one. Use tweezers and a small brush to thoroughly clean this part of the machine. Look the machine over thoroughly to determine where to oil. Many Necchi sewing machine manuals do not give specific oiling directions. You can expect to find one to three oil holes along the top of the machine, depending upon the model. There should also be an oil hole near the bobbin assembly. Place a drop of oil in each hole. In many cases, the oiling and cleaning process will improve the function of your sewing machine.


Call the Shop

If your machine is still having problems, you will need a qualified repair person. Clanking, banging or rattling sounds are signs of serious trouble. You may also need a professional to work on your Necchi if control knobs stop functioning, the motor fails or the cord is damaged.


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