Bedazzler Ideas

BeDazzle your way to a custom-designed pair of jeans, purse or throw pillow with these BeDazzler ideas that anyone can do. The BeDazzler is a tool you can use to embellish fabric with rhinestones and metal studs. You can create your own designs or follow one of a number of patterns available online and at your local craft stores.


BeDazzle just about any article of clothing that you can think of, from t-shirts to canvas tennis shoes. A BeDazzler works like a hand-held paper stapler; you actually press the stone and the metal clamp onto the fabric. Little metal spikes go through the material and grab onto the underside, holding the rhinestone in place. BeDazzlers work best on thin fabrics like cotton, silk and polyester, but you can still use them to decorate denim and leather; you'll just need to exert more pressure as you press down on the lever. Create a colorful design around the facing of a sweater or spell out a word on a plain white shirt. Iron on patterns are available or you can lightly draw your own designs onto the fabric, and then follow the lines with your BeDazzler.

Personal Accessories

Decorate personal accessories with your BeDazzler for one-of-a-kind fashions. Embellish a flower in the corner of your purse or add a simple row of rhinestones to an ordinary belt. You can add sparkle to the ends of a scarf or sprinkle rhinestones along the top of a headband. Bandannas are popular items to bedazzle; create designs in the corners, along the perimeter or in the center for a fashionable statement with flair that you can wear on your arm, your head, around your neck or stuff in your jean pockets. Consider bedazzling most any type of hat with enough sparkle to be different. Add a design around the border of a stocking cap or around the bill of a baseball cap to set your hat apart.

Decorative Accessories

Create decorative accessories for your home with your BeDazzler. Bedazzle one or both sides of a throw pillow before you stitch them together, or add a sparkling monogram to bath or kitchen towels. Spell out the title of your scrapbook in rhinestones on the cover, or create a design on a plain section of fabric and frame it as a work of art. Bedazzle the center of your pillow shams or create a decorative border around your curtains for a little extra glitter in your bedroom.