Hearts and Flowers Valentines

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Valentine's Day comes in the middle of winter, often a cold and dreary season in most of the country. These valentine hearts, filled with wildflower seeds, make an attractive gift now and offer the promise of beautiful flowers in the spring. They can be scattered on the ground, under trees, on banks or in flower beds and as the winter snow and spring rains moisten and degrade the paper, the seeds inside begin to germinate and will sprout with the warm spring sun. What a clever way to show your "love in bloom!"

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Cut Out and Decorate Hearts

Cut out hearts from construction paper following the template in various sizes. Decorate the hearts with paper doilies, punched out shapes, stripes, etc. Use your imagination to create your own unique designs. Don't use stickers or anything that is not bio-degradeable.

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Match Up the Hearts

Match the hearts into pairs based on size and design so that you have two hearts that are the same size and complement each other.

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Add Wildflower Seeds

Put a small pile of wildflower seeds in the center of one of the hearts from each pair.

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Glue the Perimeter

Apply glue or paper paste to the edges of each heart and carefully stick them together, keeping the seeds in the center. Be sure the edges are sealed closed so that you don't lose the seeds until they are placed in their final location.

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Make the Presentation Tray

Trace and cut out the large heart from foam board. Measure the perimeter of the heart and cut a piece twice that long from the corrugated border. Align the edges and glue the border back to back. Glue the border to the edge of the foam board heart using hot glue.


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