Scary Sleepover Games for Girls

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Have a scary movie trivia game to see how much the girls pay attention to the movie.

Have the guests screaming from fright at your daughter's next "Spooktacular" scary sleepover. Ghosts and ghost stories are usually brought up at any sleepover, but scary sleepovers have a fright-filled theme throughout the night. A few supplies and some girls ready for scary games are all you need for the perfect fright night.


Séance Circle

Have all the girls gather in a circle and hold hands. Tell one girl to "speak" aloud to any spirits that might be in the house. She can say things like, "Is there anyone here" and "If anyone is here, please give a sign letting us know you are there." Have another person in the next room or outside of the house knock on the window or make a loud noise. It is best to have someone that has not seen the girls or been around the party do this, so the girls have no suspicions. See how long the girls can keep calling the "spirit" before freaking out.


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Scary Movie Trivia

Play a scary movie, such as "Carrie" or "What Lies Beneath." Check the movie rating to make sure it is age appropriate for the girls. For an added effect, hang black butcher paper over all the windows to make the room extra dark. Come up with trivia questions about the scary movie. After the movie is over, give each girl a sheet of paper. Read the questions aloud and have the girls write down the answers. The girl who answers the most questions correctly about the scary movie wins the game.


Body Parts

Make up a story about an old witch whose body you cut into pieces and put in bowls. Have the girls sit in a circle and tell the story aloud. As you talk about the different body parts of the witch, pass around bowls with "body part" food items. Use peeled grapes for eyeballs, a large stewed tomato for the heart, popcorn kennels for teeth, canned apricot for the tongue and thick noodles (cooked) for the intestines. Be sure the room is dark so the girls cannot see in the bowls. After the story, put the bowls up and have the girls guess what was in each bowl. The girl who answers the most correctly wins the game.


Flashlight Tag

Wait until it is completely dark outside and give each girl a flashlight. Select one player to be "it." All players must go outside and "it" has to count to 50. After she counts, she can try to tag someone else. Players must turn off their flashlights and hide. The players use the flashlights when they are running from "it" or "it" can use the flashlight to help find the hidden players. If the "it" player tags someone, she is the new "it" player. After the girls play for a bit, have someone sneak up from the backside of the yard and scare them wearing a scary mask.



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