Gift for Guys: Engraved Guitar Pick

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Got a guitarist tugging at your heart strings? If so, this Valentine's Day give him or her the one gift no guitarist can live without: the pick. Better yet, make it yourself! This is an easy-to-make, yet totally unique guitar pick that requires only a few specialized tools and even less elbow grease. Crafty, clever, and perhaps the world's best reconstituted use of a standard kitchen spoon, a present like this just may get you rewarded with your very own love song.

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Pound Out the Spoon

Place your spoon on a hard surface. Cement or a metal surface work best. \Pound the spoon out with your hammer until it is completely flat.

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Hack Off the Handle

Place slivers of wood as protection on either side of the spoon (so it doesn't get scratched), then tighten the jaws of the anvil around the spoon's now flat oval. Once the spoon is secure, hack off the handle with your hack saw where the base of the pick is going to be.

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Trace the Pick

Trace the outline of the guitar pick onto the flattened spoon with a permanent pen.

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Refine the Shape

With your large file, file the edges of the pick to remove any sharp burrs and refine the shape of the pick. Work the file down and out to create a nice rounded edge, then repeat for the other side.

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Smooth the Edges

Continue to smooth the edge with an even smaller file. Your pick is perfectly ready to gift just like this. Or you could take it a step further!

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Shape into a Heart

Take your permanent pen and draw the shape of the top of a heart onto the pick.

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Cut a "v" into the Top Middle

With your hack saw, cut out as much of the pen marks as possible to shape the top of the pick into a heart.

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Round the Tops

Taking a larger file, then smaller ones, round the edges of the top of the pick to smooth them out.

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Engrave Letters

Take your metal punch tools and punch initials into the pick. This is trickier than it looks and you'll only get one shot, so practice on another surface first.

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Darken the Stamped Letters

Take your permanent black pen and fill in the cavity of the stamped letter(s). Wipe excess away quickly with your finger or a clean cloth.