The Cutest New Year's Eve Party Hats for Kids

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Let's step up the celebration in 2014 with a New Year's Eve Party Crown. With this easy and sturdy construction, your kids will not only wear it comfortably on the eve but long after, too.

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Draw Crown Shape

Place your piece of stiff felt face down (if it has a side -- we used glittery felt). Lay the sequin elastic along the 8.5" end of the felt and draw the crown as you'd like it to look.

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Cut Out Crown Top

Remove the sequin elastic. If your drawing looks like mine above, you will see three floating peaks. Connect the peaks BELOW where the sequin elastic was and draw lines off the edges of the felt. Again, you want the lines below where the sequin elastic was. With 2" elastic, the space between the bottom corners and the line extending off the felt should be around 1.5".

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Attach Sequin Elastic

Plug in the ol' glue gun and get ready to assemble. With your felt crown top face up, center the sequin elastic. Get a good eyeball on where it will be placed. Using your glue gun, draw a big line of glue across the bottom of the felt crown top. Place the sequin elastic centered on the glue. Fold back the edges of the sequin elastic to add more glue, adding extra strength and security.

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Add Bling!

Place your plastic gems (or buttons or beads or...) where you'd like them to go on the crown top. Using the glue gun, adhere the bits to the crown, one at a time. I recommend applying tiny glue dots to the gems and then sticking them in place. A milder glue would work here too (like mod podge).

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Make the Numbers

Grab your pipe cleaners and bend into the shape of the year. I kept the "2" and the "0" connected and made the "1" and the "4" separately.

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Finish Elastic Band Ends

To create a finished look, fold each end of the elastic sequin over and secure with hot glue.

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Final Assemply

Bring the two "hemmed" sequin elastic ends together, overlap and glue. Use a big blob of hot glue to ensure it will withstand little kid stretching and pulling. Glue your numbers in place using a minimal number of tiny dots of hot glue. You want the numbers to stand up, not lay flat. So, tack the pipe cleaners in just a few spots. Also, this allows for easy removal should your kids want a year-round crown!