Top 6 Quick and Easy Pumpkin Carving Templates

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The key to an eye-catching jack-o'-lantern? For busy families, sometimes it's just finding a fun pattern that you can do quickly. We picked our top easy and eerie templates from eHow's extensive library. Here are six ideas for jack-o'-lanterns, which can be crafted in two hours or less!

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The Cat's Meow

Who doesn't love a cat -- especially on Halloween? This easy "Cat" stencil will have your Halloween off to a ferociously adorable start in a jiffy.

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Get Spooky

That crooked grin is what gives this "Spooky Face" template its name. This pattern is for slightly more ambitious carvers than the "Easy Triangle Face," but can still be done in just a few hours.

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A Boo-tiful Pumpkin

Who knew five ovals could be so eerie? The "Boo Ghost Face" pattern is perfect for an oddly shaped pumpkin -- you can turn a misshapen gourd into a masterpiece of emotion with just a few quick cuts. Who wants a perfectly round pumpkin when a deformed one is so much scarier?

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Scared (and Scary) Skull

Celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead (November 1-2) with the "Scared Skull" stencil.

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