Gift Ideas for a 32-Year-Old Man

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A 32-year-old guy loves the latest gadgets.

Buying a gift for a 32-year-old man may seem daunting at first but buying for a man is easier than you think. Men are simple. Most of their desires fit into basic categories. They love games and play. This includes electronics gadgets and sports. They love things that make them feel and look good. And most of all, men love food. Get him a gift that fits into these categories and he is bound to be pleased.


The Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet it a gift that your 32-year-old guy will not expect. It is a 17-piece blender that comes with individual serving size cups. It is a useful gift for a man who is health- and nutrition-conscious or is trying to lose weight. The Magic Bullet makes creating healthy low-fat meals easy and convenient. He can use the Magic Bullet to make fresh juices, smoothies, shakes, sauces, soups, salads and desserts.


Video of the Day


An eReader suits the 32-year-old man who enjoys reading and travels often. eReaders, such as the Kindle, allow him to read digital versions of his favorite novels. They're lightweight and about the size of a paperback. The Kindle uses a gray scale lighting system that is easy on the eyes. It can carry up to 3,500 books at one time.


Home Cooked Dinner

One thing that all men love is food. Cook your 32-year=old man a delicious home-cooked dinner and you will make him happy. Serve his favorite dishes at the meal. Experiment with different recipes in your own time and select the best appetizers, entree and dessert. If he loves fish, consider salmon on a cedar plank or miso-glazed black cod. If you have a grill use it to grill lamb chops, steak and grilled vegetables. A home-cooked dinner will show your man that you put the time and effort into creating his gift with your own hands.



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