Regal Cordon Bleu Cookware Parts

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The history of Regal Ware dates back to 1911, and the company has built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality cookware sets. This includes Cordon Bleu cookware, with the full collection including pans, skillets, boilers, steamers and other cooking accessories. While built for long-lasting use, problems can occur due to wear or damage, and Regal Ware has replacement parts available for the Cordon Bleu set.


Long Handle Kit

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Cordon Bleu cookware pans come in a few different sizes, including 1-qt., 2-qt. and 3-qt. pans. These have a long plastic handle attached by means of a screw, allowing removal and replacement if required. One handle size fits all pans, and the replacement part, called the long handle kit, has the code P904-20F. The full kit includes the handle and protector piece, as well as screw and washer for securing these to the pan.

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Side Handle Kits

Many of the pieces in the Cordon Bleu collection, such as the pans, broilers and skillets have smaller side handles attached. These come in three different styles, with replacement side handle kits available for each. The KB01SH20401 side handle features a semicircular shape with an open center, and this style came into use on cookware pieces after August 2001. The KA01SH13804BK side handle has a solid rectangular shape, with a roll-bar effect on the end. The KB01SH13701BK side handle also features a solid rectangular shape, although has a thinner profile with a slight arch. Each side handle kit comes supplied with the handle and the accessories to affix it to the cookware.


Knob Kits

Many of the pieces in the Cordon Bleu cookware collection come supplied with a fitted cover. The covers have a knob attachment for ease of lifting and these come in two different styles. Manufactured from stainless steel, the KB04KN120 knob features a round shape. It fits to the cover by means of a stud attachment, with no screw required and the kit includes the knob and base piece. The Temp Tone Plus knob assembly kit has the code KB04KN30811, features more of an oval shape, and can substitute for the original Temp Tone knob fitted to the cookware. The kit includes the knob, as well as the screw required to fix it to the cookware.


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