What Are the Specs for a Yanmar B37 Mini Excavator?

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In 1967, Yanmar entered the construction machinery business. To meet the need for construction equipment that could access restricted urban sites, Yanmar introduced its first mini excavator in 1968. Used Yanmar B37 Mini Excavators, an older model produced over several years, are still available for sale. They share several featured specifications.


Engine, Transmission, Weight and Tracks

The B37 Mini Excavator comes with a three-cylinder, 27 horsepower (approximate) Yanmar diesel engine. It has a two-speed transmission and weighs roughly 7,500 pounds. Different models come with either 15-inch rubber or steel tracks.


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Yanmar B37 Mini Excavators come with a 60-inch backfill blade and an adjustable 40/90 boom swing with a 21-tooth bucket. It has an approximate digging depth of 10 to 13 feet.

Pilot and Controls

The Yanmar B37 comes with canopy or cab; cabs can be heated. The pilot operates the mini excavator with joystick controls.


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