Guy's 25th Birthday Ideas

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There are many ways to celebrate a guy's 25th birthday.

Planning a 25th birthday celebration for a husband, partner or friend can be challenging, there are so many things that you could do, it may be hard to decide. From a big party with lots of guests to an intimate meal with close friends, what you decide will depend upon your budget and guy's personality and taste. There are lots of ways to celebrate that do not cost you a small fortune, with a little imagination anything is possible. Get friends and family involved to take off some of the pressure and to help with the arrangements.



For and fun and informal celebration hold a barbecue. If your budget is tight, ask guests to bring an item of food or drink along. Barbecue parties are a good option if you want to get the whole family involved from young children to great grandparents. Decorate the garden with bunting or balloons and hire a couple of outdoor heaters if you plan on it extending throughout the evening or you live in a cooler climate. If the party is for adults put lit tea-lights in jars around the garden to create a sophisticated ambiance. Alternatively, for a celebratory atmosphere buy some fireworks to get the the party going.


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Decade Party

Celebrate a 25th birthday by having a themed decades party on the year your guy was born. If it was the 1980s, encourage guests to wear costume such as Ra-Ra skirts and leg-warmers. Create a CD of 1980s music to play throughout the evening and leave retro games around the room such as a Rubix cube. Put some photographs around the room of your guy as a young child and even some of his friends too. Just be sure to let the guests know of the theme in plenty of time so they decide what costume to wear.


Special Meal

For guys who would rather keep their birthday low-key invite close family and friends to his favorite restaurant for a birthday meal. Alternatively, if the meal is for your partner or husband you may wish just the two of you to go for a romantic meal. Although he may prefer to keep it low key, arrange with the restaurant to put a couple of birthday candles in his dessert for the occasion. If you prefer to have a cosy night in then cook his favorite dish at home, light some candles and put on some relaxing music.


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