Ideas for Making a Tie-Dye Poster

Tie-dying is traditionally done on cloth to make decorative clothing, wall hangings, crafts and more. But take similar methods, and you can transform a blank paper poster into a tie-dye design fit for a wall hanging, framed art or gift. Ideas for making a tie-dye poster range from freestyle painting to photocopying a tie-dye t-shirt, to using the same cloth tie-dye techniques on paper.

Food Coloring Method

Spray a pan with shaving cream. Apply food coloring in numerous colors and dots on the shaving cream and swirl around to create a tie-dye effect. Place white poster paper on top of the pan and press down into the shaving cream. Peel off the paper and apply a paper towel to correct any undesirable splotches. Allow to dry and iron lightly on a low setting.

Copy a T-Shirt

Scan a tie-dyed t-shirt design on a home printer and scanner. Print out nine 8.5-by-11-inch copies in color. Line up the print-outs over a poster board. Cover in protective shellac or laminate to create a poster.

Traditional Technique

Paint a poster-sized piece of poster paper that has been crumpled into a ball. Cover the ball in another piece of paper and secure at the neck with a rubber band. Paint rings of different colors onto this outer layer until the ball is covered. Spray with rubbing alcohol and allow alcohol to evaporate until the ball is only mildly damp. Undo both pieces of paper and iron until flat and dry. Laminate to preserve the poster.

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