Ideas for Hosting a Scavenger Hunt at Work

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Scavenger hunts give you a chance to have fun looking for unusual objects in your immediate area or neighborhood. No matter what job you have, you can have a scavenger hunt in your office, either putting people on teams or letting them work separately. Working in teams is good if you are doing a hunt that involves riddles because it is a team building activity.


ABC Hunt

For a fun, ongoing scavenger hunt that people can do all day, have an ABC scavenger hunt. If you work in an office this works well because you do not have to go outside the office to do it. Everyone simply finds things that start with the letters A through Z. For example, a person might find an apple, a box, a copy machine, and so on until a person reaches something that begins with Z.


Video of the Day

Staff Information

Create a list of information about your employees like who has been there the longest, who is the youngest, and who was recently in the local newspaper. This helps everyone get to know each other a little better and highlights positive things about each person. Do this type of scavenger hunt at the beginning of the year or after a group of people have been hired to help coworkers learn about each other.


Out and About

If you work somewhere that is in a neighborhood or a city, take a few hours and let people go in teams and find things on a scavenger hunt list. They must take pictures with each thing. Some examples are a dog, bus stop bench, thrift shop, and a fast food place. This is a fun way to break up the day and let people get to know each other a bit better.



Create riddles and split the group into teams so they can work together trying to figure out what each riddle means. Have each riddle lead to another one until all of the clues are solved. Have a prize at the end like a free lunch for the winning team, or a lunch for everyone, but dessert for the winners.



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