Chinese Good Luck Gifts

Placing gifts in a red envelope is a sign of good luck in China.

Giving Chinese good luck gifts is a time-honored way of telling friends or loved ones you wish them well as they enter a new phase of life or embark upon a new challenge. These symbolic presents can be elaborate or inexpensive, and can range from an exotic piece of furniture to a card or monetary gift in a red paper envelope.

Dragon Gifts

The dragon is a symbol of good luck in China. A gift that displays a dragon image is appropriate for a good luck gift, and Chinese dragon art is usually very colorful and detailed. A lamp with a dragon drawing adds a colorful accent to the recipient's home. Or, opt for a dragon key chain that your loved one can carry with him every day.

Oyster Gifts

The oyster is also a sign of prosperity and luck in China. Bring the recipient high-quality, fresh raw oysters, along with a small gift basket filled with seasonings. Jewelry, such as an oyster-shaped brooch, is another attractive option.

Red Gifts

Gifts that feature the color red are popular in China when the gift is meant to convey good luck. If you're giving someone a monetary gift, present the funds in a red envelope. Or, choose a gift that reflects the recipient's personality, such as a red kitchen appliance for someone who loves to cook; the gift can serve as your way to wish her good luck as she moves into her new home.

Chinese Coins

Gold Chinese coins are inscribed with the words "good luck" as they represent prosperity and wealth. Gold, like red, is a sign of luck in China. To make the gift more decorative, give the coins in a small red envelope or in a small satchel tied with a red ribbon.

Gifts in Pairs

In Chinese culture, the more gifts you present to someone, the more luck you want to bestow on them. This is why it's important to present gifts in pairs, such as a pair of red or gold earrings or a pair of red shoes.