Things to Do on Your 23rd Birthday

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It can be difficult to know how to celebrate a 23rd birthday. You may find that the group of friends who celebrated all past birthdays with you are now spread out throughout the country. Additionally, you may be entering a new phase of your life, from a university student to a more mature individual with a career. Despite the life changes at this stage, there are many options for making your birthday an event to remember.


Theme Party

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If you have a group of friends that enjoys getting together, throw a theme party at your residence. Examples of themes for your birthday party include Mardi Gras and the 1980s. Decorate and play music to match the theme. Theme parties are generally popular because people have fun looking for costumes and tend to get into the spirit of the theme.


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Get a small group of friends together and do something for your birthday that you have never considered doing before, such as visiting a shooting range, or playing laser tag or paintball. If you are really adventurous, take lessons and go skydiving.



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Going to a casino can be a fun night out with even one other person. Another fun way to simulate gambling is to invite friends over and create a mock casino in your apartment or house. Set up a poker table and a blackjack table. Have a friend act as a dealer and supply guests with fake money and poker chips. Have prizes available for the person with the most money left at the end of the night.


Night Out

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A night out is always a great way to celebrate a birthday. Start out with supper at a restaurant you enjoy or one that you have never tried before. After supper, go to a movie, visit a comedy club or go to a club.



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