Funny Cake Ideas for 50th Birthday Parties

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A 50th birthday is a time for celebration and if the guest of honor has a great sense of humor, it is time to create a funny birthday cake. Make a funny cake the party guests will be talking about months after the party. From over-the-hill designs to hilarious sayings, this centerpiece will be the talk of the party.


Over the Hill

Bake two or three cakes in round cake pans. Allow the cakes to cool, and then stack them on top of one another. Round the edges of the cakes into the shape of a large hill. Use more round cakes to make a larger hill. Ice the cake with green icing and put brown icing around the bottom of the cake to resemble dirt. On the front of the cake, take an icing pen and write, "You're definitely over the hill now, Happy 50th Birthday _______." Take a small plastic person and put him toward the top of the cake, walking down one side of the cake. Use the person to mark footprints all the way up the other side of the hill. This should look like the person walked up the hill and is over the hill just starting to walk down it.


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The Big 50 Cake

Get the numbers five and zero shaped cake pans and bake two cakes as normal. Ice the cakes in the birthday guest's favorite colors. Place 50 candles on the cake. Fill a red bucket with water and sit it beside the cake. Write on the bucket "Happy 50th, ______, in case of fire."


Coffin Cake

Find a coffin-shaped cake pan or bake a regular sheet cake and cut it in the shape of a coffin. Ice the cake with black or gray icing and trim with a gold icing pin. Write, "Here lies the youth of _____, Happy 50th!" For added decorations, put small tombstones out beside the cake.


Heart Cake

Use a heart-shaped pan or cut a sheet cake into the shape of a heart. Ice the cake with red icing and write, "Old fart, young at heart - Happy 50th Birthday, ____!" For added accessories, purchase a small child's doctor kit and use as decorations on the cake.


Toilet Cake

Bake one 13-by-9-inch cake and two round cakes. Cut the 13-by-9-inch cake down the middle and place the two pieces standing up, back to back. Ice these with white icing. Place one of the round cakes in front of these and ice with white icing. Cut the middle out of the other round cake, so you have what will resemble a toilet seat. Sit this ring on top of the round cake and ice with white icing. Take silver icing to draw a flush handle. Write "Everything turns to crap after 50, Happy 50th Birthday, ___" on the toilet ring. If there is not enough room, write some of the words on the top part of the toilet.