Ideas For Deep Narrow Closets

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Use a collapsible shower rod to provide more hanging space.

Long narrow closets allow for a great deal of storage, but the inconvenience of their shape is something that can prevent you from regularly accessing it fully. A long narrow closet can be used to its full potential by considering how you are going to store your things and what options allow you to maximize the space that you have available.


Over the Door Shoe Rack

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When you are dealing with a long and narrow closet, you do not have floor space to waste. Get your shoes off the floor by installing an over-the-door shoe rack, which has pockets for a dozen pairs of shoes. These racks may be made of canvas or clear plastic and are a good way to clear your floor as well as to keep your shoes in good condition.

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Collapsible Shower Rod

Knock out any inappropriately placed bars in the closet, and set up a tiered system of closet clothes bars using collapsible shower rods. Place one rod towards the back of the closet and as high up as you can. Place the second rod closer to the front and a little below shoulder height. Longer outfits, as well as seasonal clothes, can go on the rear rod, while shorter clothes and clothes that see wear every day can go on the front.


High Shelves

Screw a shelf across the top rear end of the narrow closet to give you a place to leave seasonal clothes and to place boxes for storage if necessary. You can also use a shelf divider to give you a more finished look if you put T-shirts and sweaters up on the shelf. While this shelf is not a place to put things that you need every day, you will find that it can be handy to have more storage up high and out of sight.


Two Closets

Some deep narrow closets, especially in old houses or apartment buildings, have two doors. If you have two doors, use them both and turn the long narrow closet into two smaller closets. You can divide the closets by having one side devoted to hanging clothes, and use the other side for a set of dresser drawers, or you can simply hang two shower rods parallel to each other and use the space as two hanging closets.



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