What Kind of Crackers Go Best With Spinach Dip?

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Buttery Ritz crackers provide the perfect complement to boldy flavored spinach dips.
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Crackers provide a welcome crunch against the creamy savoriness of spinach dip, and putting a little forethought into your cracker selection will result in a harmonious pairing. The flavor of the dip is key when making your cracker selection. Choose a plainer cracker for more flavorful dips, pair low-fat dips with whole wheat crackers to create a healthy snack and try to give your pairings a cohesive theme.


Complementary Cracker Pairings

Spinach dip can be successfully paired with a variety of crackers, though it particularly benefits from crackers that have a sturdy crispness, such as Triscuits and Wheat Thins. Spinach pairs well with cheeses like feta and Parmesan, so try pairing your dip with cheese-flavored crackers to add another flavor dimension. A mild spinach dip can provide a blank canvas for artisanal crackers to stand out, so look for crackers that feature ingredients like garlic or sesame seeds. Spinach dips that are more boldly seasoned with ingredients such as ranch dressing or garlic pair well with plain crackers such as saltines or water crackers. Also look for opportunities to play up certain types of cuisine: Serve Greek-style spinach dip with pita chips, and spicy recipes with tortilla-like crackers. For the health-conscious, choose whole wheat or multigrain crackers to cut down on the calories while providing an earthy backdrop for the savory spinach dip.

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