Hobby Uses for Cigar Tubes

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Cigar tubes have a variety of uses other than keeping cigars fresh.

Cigars often come in cigar tubes. These tubes can be glass, wooden, plastic, steel, leather or aluminum. Steel and leather cigar tubes are typically re-usable and made for multiple uses. Wood, aluminum and plastic cigar tubes are usually made to be disposable, but they don’t have to be! There are many hobby uses and craft activities that cigar tubes can be used for and these can be used or made by all ages. Some of these are: a musical shaker, a Christmas ornament and storage for hobbies and crafts.


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Musical Shaker

Aluminum or steel cigar tubes make the best shakers. To make one, take the tube and paint the outside if desired. You could use spray paint that is designed for use with metal. Fill the tube with small beans, BBs or rice, depending on how loud you want the shaker to be. Replace the top and secure it with hot glue or some kind of super glue. This would be an easy way to create a larger number of shakers if you are a classroom teacher.

Christmas Ornament

Making Christmas ornaments would work best by using clear plastic cigar tubes. Gather some ribbon, tinsel sequins, glitter and other shiny material that would sparkle when hung on a Christmas tree with lights. Fill a clear plastic or glass cigar tube with equal parts of oil and water and a touch of glycerin. Then, add sequins and glitter to this mixture to make a mini ocean bottle or lava lamp-style decoration. When the cigar tube is filled, put the top on and secure it with hot glue or super glue. Glue a hook to the top or tie a ribbon or tinsel around the top to hang it from the tree. These make great gifts and are easy for children to help make!


Hobby and Craft Storage

Cigar tubes make excellent storage for hobby and craft items. A variety of items can be stored securely in them. If you are using a cigar tube that isn't clear or glass, it may be wise to label the tubes with the items they contain. Clear plastic tubes would make great storage for crafting beads. They would let you see the beads and their colors while you are working. Cigar tubes work nicely to store fishing lures, hooks and weights. Don't overlook the value of storing scrapbooking supplies, like brads and embellishments, in cigar tubes. The tubes are also effective ways to store sewing needles, snaps, buttons and other small items.


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