Kids' Valentine Box Ideas

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A Valentine box is meant to hold special Valentine cards from friends and loved ones. Kids often make their own Valentine box for school parties. Coming up with some unique ideas can make this year exciting for your child. Most Valentine boxes are created using empty shoe boxes. A hole is cut in the top lid so Valentine cards can be put inside the box. Try something new this year, and create a box no one will forget.



Any old shoebox can magically be turned into a race car. To make a car Valentine's Day box, start by taping pieces of construction paper on the outside of the shoebox to cover the writing. Some of the paper edges should fold over to the inside of the box. Try using tape to hold the paper in place. Don't forget to cover the lid top as well. Cut a large square hole in the center of the lid before you cover it with construction paper. Then, glue pre-cut items onto the sides of the box. Strips, lights, glitter, pinstripes and any other decorations you want to add is fine. Use bottle caps for the wheels. Create a windshield on the car using a clear plastic cup that has been cut in half. Tape around the sides to protect little fingers from sharp edges. Tape the windshield directly in front of the hole on top of the box. This makes the car look like a convertible.


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Princess Castles

Princess castles are easy to make using shoe boxes and paper towel tubes. After choosing a color for your castle, tape the colored construction paper to the sides of the shoe boxes. Wrap the edges of the paper around to the inside of the boxes to hide the tape. Don't forget to cover the lids with paper as well. Stack up two to three paper-covered shoe boxes to give the castle height. Use a heavy-duty glue to hold the boxes together. Try using shoe boxes of varying sizes, with the smaller boxes near the top and the bigger boxes near the bottom. Leave the very top box uncovered with no lid. This is where the Valentine's cards will be placed. After you cover the paper towel tubes with construction paper, glue them to the corners of the boxes. Add triangle paper pieces on top of the tubes to create towers for your castle. Stickers, painted bricks, glitter and ribbon flags are optional details you may wish to add to the Valentine box castle.


Cartoon Characters

Create a Valentine box that looks like your child's favorite character. Cartoon characters, such as Spongebob or Bot from Team UmiZoomi, are easy characters to create using shoe boxes. Cut an opening in the center of the shoe box lid before you do anything else. Then, tape the appropriate colored paper onto the sides of the box to completely cover any writing. Spongebob is yellow, while Bot is green. Make the character look just like he does in the cartoons by cutting out facial features from coloring books. Cut out eyes, a mouth, eyebrows, the nose and anything else that you can glue onto the box to create the cartoon character. Use paper towel tubes to create legs for the cartoon character.



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