Funny Ways to Wrap a Gift

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Avoid boring wrapping paper and get creative.

Gift wrap can be boring and repetitive. By creatively wrapping presents, you can make your recipient chuckle and give a more memorable gift. Household items can be used for gag wrapping. When thinking outside the box to wrap a present, consider the contents and find a funny wrapping to suit them.


Caution Tape

If your gift is a naughty gift--like those for bachelorette or 21st birthday parties--consider wrapping it in caution tape. Caution tape will get the idea across that your present is a "for your eyes only" gift. The wrapping will make your gift stand out in a pile and will surely be funny and memorable.


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Overbox It

If your gift is small--like a piece of jewelry or a gift card--you can box it babushka doll-style by wrapping it in a small box, and then in another box, and then in another box, and then in another get it. You will be able to see how badly your recipient wants the gift by how frantically he starts tearing open the boxes as it gets smaller. This is a funny way to surprise someone with a tiny gift.


Newspaper Ads

Keep an eye on the newspaper for a week or two, and remove pages with funny classifieds and personals. Circle the interesting ones, and use the newspaper to wrap the gift. This type of wrapping is best for bachelors or bachelorettes and is sure to bring a chuckle.


Duct Tape

Wrap your gift in duct tape. Duct tape works well as a wrapping because it won't pull at the gift when applied. It will properly conceal everything. It's a cheap way to wrap gifts and a pain to get off. Enjoy watching your recipient struggle as she tries to remove the duct tape to see what's underneath.


Plastic Wrap

Intentionally give away the contents of your gift by using plastic wrap. Your recipient will have a tough time getting the wrapping off to use his gift, which adds a little extra fun. Before presenting your gift, give your recipient a card first. In the card, write "you'll never guess what I got you!" and then hand him the clear-wrapped gift.



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