Adult Block Party Games

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Find games to entertain the adults at your block party.

A neighborhood block party shouldn't just be about entertaining the kids, although that definitely is one goal of the party. Focus on finding adult block party games as well that will keep everyone mingling and having a good time. In addition to organized games, set up a table full of board games and decks of cards, so the neighbors can start their own games among themselves if they so wish.


Beirut/Flip Cup Tournament

Beirut, also known as beer pong, and flip cup are two games that will add a healthy dose of competition and fun to your party. Though these are generally known as beer drinking games, they can be played in a nonalcoholic manner as well. For Beirut, plastic cups are set up in a pyramid style at the end of a long table, and each player must try to bounce or throw a ping pong ball so that it lands in the opposing team's cups. The team to knock out all of the other team's cups wins. For flip cup, guests are split into two teams, and cups are arranged in a row along each side of the table so each player gets a cup. The cup is positioned so the bottom hangs slightly over the edge of the table. The first player starts and must tap the bottom of his cup so that it flips over completely and lands upside down, and then the next player can begin. The first team that has each player flip his cup wins.


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Who Am I?

If you are looking for a game that can be played continuously through the party, play "Who Am I?" with your guests. Before the party, make out a pile of index cards with a name of a celebrity of famous historical person written on the card. Pin or tape the card on each guest's back as she arrives, not allowing her to see the name on her card. Throughout the night, other party-goers will give her hints about what name is written on her card, and she must try to guess whom she represents.


Bean Bags/Cornhole

Bean bags, also called cornhole, is an ideal outdoor party game that is easy to play. To play cornhole, you need two wooden wedges with a round hole cut in the center. Bags or cornhole boards can be purchased online, at most sporting good stores or can even be homemade if you have experience with woodworking. The boards are placed about 27 feet apart from each other, and each team consists of two members, who stand behind each of the cornhole boards. One team member must toss a bean bag and try to get it as close to the hole on the other board as possible, with more points rewarded for bags that go directly into the hole. The first team to reach 21 points wins.



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